TerraNova NEXT

Move Your Students Forward with TerraNova NEXT

Subject Areas:

  • Reading (Grades K–8)
  • Math (Grades K–8)
  • Language (Grades 3–8)
  • Science (Grades 1–8)
    • Paper/Pencil (Grades 1–8)
    • Online (Grades 3–8)
  • Social Studies (Grades 1–8)
    • Paper/Pencil  (Grades 1–8)
    • Online (Grades 3–8)

Assessment Type:

A standardized norm-referenced assessment that provides National and Local norms, criterion-referenced data and performance/proficiency levels.

Delivery Format:

  • Online
  • Paper and Pencil

Item Types:

  • Selected-Response (MC)
  • Multi-Select
  • Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR)

A Tradition of Excellence

TerraNova NEXT represents the next generation of TerraNova assessments. Just like TerraNova3, this new assessment provides highly accurate measurement of important skills and knowledge, and helps educators understand how their students are progressing toward standards, and how they are performing relative to their peers. TerraNova NEXT compares student performance on objectives against a nationally inclusive and representative sample. TerraNova also provides in-depth diagnostic student data and provides normative scores, objective mastery information by skill and proficiency/performance levels to target instruction to students at all levels.  All versions of TerraNova are linked to a common growth scale allowing you to monitor student progress over time.

The TerraNova NEXT assessment series continues to build on best practices and recommendations about how students should be assessed.  Items were carefully selected to ensure that the assessment avoids bias for culturally diverse students and is reliable and valid so that student data are accurate and useful in order to make sound educational and placement decisions.

  • TerraNova NEXT maintains norm references and is more aligned to college- and career- ready indicators.
  • The new design saves time: there are no longer any hand scoring requirements as the tests are now 100% autoscored.
  • As a flexible and fully accessible test, TerraNova NEXT is available for grades K–8 in both online and paper modes.
  • TerraNova NEXT provides fast turnaround of results. All data and reports will be available in DRC Interactive Reporting for educators to dive deeper into district/diocese, school, student, and class performance.
  • TerraNova NEXT has the same technically sound, reliable, and valid qualities that you have come to expect from TerraNova3. It will continue to provide norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, and proficiency/performance-level data for your program.
  • TerraNova NEXT ties to the DRC BEACON interim assessments, allowing you to integrate both assessments as part of a through-year assessment approach.

Please visit the TerraNova NEXT Training Website for information on how to administer and manage the assessments.