TerraNova3 Complete Battery Online

Highly Accurate Measurement of Important Skills and Knowledge

Subject Areas:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Language
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Assessment Type:

Standardized Norm-Referenced Achievement Test (2017 Norms)

Delivery Format:

Online (Grades 3–8)

Reliable Information to Target Instruction

This web-based version of the popular TerraNova norm-referenced assessment helps teachers identify student needs and measure progress in reading, language, mathematics, science, and social studies for grades 3–8.

Get Fast Information You Can Trust

  • Clear, timely, comprehensive, and instructionally relevant results to identify student needs and target instruction
  • Easy-to-read reports to help adjust teaching strategies and communicate with parents and other stakeholders
  • Offering an engaging format that deeply and comprehensively measures student performance
  • Administration efficiencies mean more time for teaching and less time spent on managing paper test materials
  • TerraNova provides norm-referenced, criterion-referenced and performance/proficiency level data. Schools use this data for comparison as well as diagnostically to impact instruction in the classroom

Benefits of Online Testing with TerraNova

  • Districts and schools looking for a quality norm-referenced assessment receive immediate online results to inform and direct classroom instruction.
  • When used early in the year TerraNova Online determines student skills while there is ample time to plan targeted, personalized instruction and effectively impact achievement.
  • Preliminary data on student performance is available within the same day. This data allows educators to quickly target instructional needs and monitor progress.
  • Secure, web-based DRC INSIGHT™ online testing platform provides greater security than paper-based testing.
  • Intuitive, universally designed testing interface that is accessible for all students and includes built-in accommodations and accessibility tools
  • Allows compatibility with a wide range of testing devices, allowing students to test on the devices they already know and use in the classroom
  • Delivers single sign-on (SSO) integration with DRC INSIGHT, providing you with seamless navigation between and across all DRC products and assessment services
  • Offers advanced data visualizations that provide many more options for viewing and analyzing data, including new filtering options for greater customization
  • Consolidation of reports so that you can see data in a tabular and graphical format on the same screen
  • More contemporary look-and-feel and improved navigation for the user interface