Move Your Students Forward with TerraNova NEXT

Why Do Educators Choose TerraNova NEXT?

TerraNova NEXT—the next generation of TerraNova assessments—provides accurate measurement of important skills, knowledge and grade-level expectations while spotlighting how students are progressing toward standards and performing relative to their peers. TerraNova NEXT provides norm-referenced data (National and Local), criterion-referenced data and performance levels.


“Using our TerraNova data, our schools have gone beyond looking at test scores as rankings and have focused more on growth, mastery, and challenging students to reach their potential.”

—Sister Edward William Quinn, IHM, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools

“Our experience with TerraNova Next assessment data has been very positive. The incredibly user-friendly reports allow our team to easily measure growth, identify areas of strength and weakness, and pinpoint specific student performance levels. This information has proven invaluable in enabling us to enrich and remediate students across our schools. Overall, we're very impressed with the usefulness of this data and the insights it provides.”

—Angela Trahan, Assistant Superintendent Diocese of Lafayette - Lafayette, LA

“BEACON interim assessments combined with the TerraNova Next summative assessment provide valuable insights into student performance. The data gleaned from the combined assessments along with the support provided by DRC representatives in the data analysis process allow the schools in the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux to engage in curriculum and instructional decision-making that best meets the needs of all students.”

—Gerrie Byrne, Associate Superintendent, The Diocese of Houma Thibodaux - Houma, LA

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