TerraNova NEXT Pilot Opportunity

DRC is excited to invite districts and schools to participate in the TerraNova NEXT pilot starting this fall! TerraNova NEXT represents the next generation of TerraNova assessments. Just like TerraNova 3, this new assessment provides highly accurate measurement of important skills and knowledge, and helps educators understand how their students are progressing toward standards, how they are performing relative to their peers, and what instructional activities can help close achievement gaps. DRC is able to provide FREE participation in this pilot opportunity during the 2021–2022 school year.

Important Information

The TerraNova NEXT pilot is open to students in grades K–8 and includes Reading, Language, and Mathematics tests. Districts and schools have the flexibility to decide the number of students, the grade levels, the subjects, and which sites will participate in the pilot. Levels 10–12 (grades K–2) are available in both online and paper/pencil formats, and Levels 13–18 (grades 3–8) are available in an online format. The fall pilot test window opens on September 1, 2021, and an additional spring test window will be offered starting February 1, 2022. (Kindergarten testing is available in the spring window only).