DRC BEACON Interim Assessment

Helping Students Find the Best Path Forward

Subject Areas:

ELA (Grades 3–8)
Math (Grades 3–8)
K-2 (Coming Soon)
High School Course Content (Coming soon)

Assessment Type:

Interim Computer Adaptive

Delivery Format:


Item Types:

Selected Response
Technology Enhanced
Constructed Response (Short Answer and Autoscored)
EBSR (Evidence Based Selected Response)
Multi-part and Multi-select

Placeholder Headline

DRC BEACON is an interim assessment for grades 3–8 that helps teachers identify student learning needs, measure progress, and track growth towards grade level readiness throughout the school year. DRC BEACON provides immediate insights into student performance, giving you clarity on how to target instruction and make informed decisions. DRC BEACON has an online adaptive format which means that students spend less time testing, and teachers receive immediate feedback. Our dynamic reporting tools allow educators to explore each student’s performance in greater detail and carefully design instructional interventions based on the data. You can access key learning strategies that provide direct connections between standards and learning progressions to help you differentiate instruction for each student.  DRC BEACON also provides a predictive score to the TerraNova assessments.

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